#sts Spread the Smegshine

It all began on our annual summer vacation in Block Island. Zoey (9) wanted a tie-dye kit for her birthday. She was also asking for a bunny. (Had been asking for a bunny for about 3 years). Before we left I made sure I ordered the tie-dye kit & enough white t-shirts and hoodies for everyone to be able to make them as a surprise. Never did I imagine that the girls would get so much enjoyment throughout the process of making them! Of course one of their favorite parts is unveiling the shirt after its sat for the 24 hours. “Mommy it’s like rays of sunshine and beams of bright happy colors!!!” Because they enjoyed it so much we thought of the idea why not make more and give others the opportunity to feel that happiness too? We decided to call our new venture “Spread the Smegshine” (because of our last name being Smegielski). While we were away we were in touch with a fabulous local farm who just so happened to have a liter of bunnies born. If all went well our plan was to bring one home once they were ready to leave their mama. The farm owner let us know that bunnies were free to a good home but that they also accepted donations to the farm. Zoey (being the animal lover she is) decided that she wanted to start selling the shirts and then donate a percent of what she made to this particular farm. So we’re going with it! Every 30 days she will chose where she would like to donate 10% of her earnings. Although she is excited to make the shirts, she’s even more excited to have others enjoy them and even more excited to donate money to places of her choice every month and I am one very proud mama! Thanks in advance for your support!!